Notes On Model Sizes

The models here are all 2" scale. This is unusual because it is an English unit of measure. Details on why follow below.

Use of 2" Scale

All the models currently available on this website are supplied using a 2" letter height.

This may be a surprise as most 3d modeling is done using Metric units. Indeed, the difference between 2" and 50mm is not that great. But metric units are a modern invention, invented by people who had lost memory of the basis for English units.

The text of the Bible is based on a much older system of units. The basic unit found in the text is a Cubit. There is some debate if that cubit informs the length of a modern foot, but we think so. So the alphabet letter model sizes should be some function of English units.

The modeling here assumes as a given that 1 modern foot is 12 inches long, while a cubit as found in the text is 18 inches long.

The selection of 2" scale is thus a convenient number of inches for use as the basic letter size for classroom related models.


Most of the 3d models on this site can be scaled up, say to 4", by using the scaling option in the slicer used to prep these models for printing.

Any other larger size can easily be reached this way.

Scaling down is more difficult, especially with the through holes for nylon line. These holes risk closing in when these models are scaled down.

Printer Assumptions

We are assuming the use of 3D printer that uses some sort of extrusion process against a heated bed. All of the models here have been tested on at least a Prusa MK3S. These are popular printers and are usually matched in capabilities by most other widely used 3d printers.