This is the Sower model. It is one of two different possible assemblies from the Bones series of models. This is one of the pinnacle models. These are formed by the assembly of other sets of parts.

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Designer Notes

When printing this part, the entire model should be placed with right arm down against the printer bed. Use rotation controls in the slicer to make this happen.

Organic supports leave the part much cleaner than other support options.

This printing position uses less support material and puts the grain so the spine, neck, back and front are as strong as possible.

Infill should be 80 percent to force the model to be mostly filled plastic.

Use the slicer to divide up the part into objects and then print the eyes and seeds independently and without supports.

Thread eyes and seed onto the line before any glue.

1 continuous piece of monofilament line should be used to thread all of the eyes.

2 smaller pieces of monofilament line are needed to support the seeds. The monofilament line should be glued to the hands and allowed to solidly dry. Then lightly glue the seeds into place.

Plastics Used

Materials List
Thread    DarkGray
Bone    Silver
Base    White

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