Kid Proofing

This article explains what to do to kid proof some of the models on this site.


We have run into parents who want their children to become familiar with the Paleo Alphabet at a young age. It is generally easier to learn a language when young. Since inspired scripture is written in this alphabet, it would be like learning Hebrew or Greek. Since the Latin alphabet, used for English, is a devolved version of Paleo, it would also have application to later English learning.

This reasoning makes sense. Since plastic alphabet letters are readily available for English, so why not 3D printed Paleo Letters?


We don't actually supply 3D printed parts. Our mission is to provide the precise mathematical definitions of the letters and related parts so there isn't a massive divergence in the details.

Making actual 3D parts is for others to do.

That said, here are the main Kid Proofing issues as we see them...

Small Parts

  • Drop all punctuation dots.
  • Drop anything that needs nylon line.

Kids can learn punctuation later.

Scale Up

  • Double size everything.

The models here are 2" scale. Double that size when printing models for use by kids.

No Glue

  • Do not use any glue.

Essentially all of the glues used in 3d printing are toxic. Do not use any glue.

All of the basic alphabet shapes can be printed as 1 part with no glue. So let kids play with the basic letters shapes that have been printed as 1 part.

High Infill

  • Make parts strong.

Use a high infill value when printing parts for kits. At least 50 percent. This will make parts much harder to break.

Of course test this, make sure your printer is running well and the parts do come out strong. The adult doing the 3d printing should attempt to break the parts coming off the printer. This should take more strength than that of a kid.

Anything Else?

There may be other issues. We don't have small kids around to test. If you find other issues please contact us and we will update this page.