The 3d bones models that form a set of parts that assemble into the sower and reaper models.

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Designer Notes

This set contains the designs for the 'bones' series..

These parts are from the simple folded alphabet. They assemble into either a sower or reaper.

Ideally, these parts are rendered in Silk Silver. Use white or simple silver for easier printing.

2 of the models require clear plastic for frames.

4 require wire for support. (24 AWG tinned.)

Alternatively, Monofilament fishing line can be used, but requires glue.

Some parts are supplied sectioned. These sections can be printed and then either glued or tied together. Note, most 3d printers should be able to print the whole part, provided 'brim' and full support structures are enabled in the slicer.

Plastics Used

Materials List
Bone   #eeeeeeWhiteSilkSilver
Holder   #aaaaaaClear

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