Assembly Notes

What follows here are some helpful reminders for builders of these models.

Beware of Glue

Some parts require glue for assembly.

Always use appropriate glue for the type of plastic in use.

Beware: some plastics require dangerous toxic glues.

Follow all manufacturer's directions for the materials you may be using. Some glues require a well ventilated space.

Figure out a way to get good ventilation and use it.

Nylon Tension

In ancient times these models would have been carved from wood. Thread would have been used to support the various dots found in these models.

With 3d printing, plastic is used for the parts and nylon line is used for the thread. Nylon thread is more rigid. It is also more difficult to tie off.

Nylon line should threaded and tensioned through printed holes in the models. Carefully tie off and then set with a very small drop of glue and finish by clipping off any extra length.