Student Case

A simple case for a set of letters. Letters here are color coded to teach vowel sounds. Various lids for holding sower or reaper models.

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Designer Notes

This bundle includes the designs for a simple student letter case. The outside of the box shows the alphabet in order. There is room inside for 1 set of letters.

This bundle also contains designs for the 25 letters that make up the Paleo Alphabet. These letters are colored to hint English learners the vowel sound for each letter.

There are 3 different possible lid designs included here.

lid-blank is used when no model sits atop the box.

lid-sower is used when a sower is to sit atop the box.

lid-reaper is used when a reaper is to sit atop the box.

Plastics Used

Materials List
Holder   #aaaaaaClear
Soil   #996600Copper
Case   #996600Copper
Red   #ff0000Red
Blue   #3333ffBlue
Green   #336633Green
Yellow   #ffff00Yellow
Purple   #ff33ccPurple
Orange   #ff6600Orange
Black   #333333Black

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