This is the Flowers series of individual 3d models. These are formed by taking the 3rd side of the Tools models and folding those shapes against themselves. They form models that show off the stages of development of plants. This set of models assemblies into the Harvest series of models.

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Designer Notes

Use your slicing software to orient parts in 3d space and on the printer bed as needed.

The various dots should be split off into their own prints. Dots are normally not printed with support material. They risk being filled with support material and becoming useless after the print.

Use part numbers to track printing process.

Most parts should be at high infill, say 80 percent. Bases should be at least 25 percent infill. Higher infill will increase the strength of the legs in the bases.

Use 15 lb monofilament line with very small drops of super glue to anchor and support the various dots.

Plastics Used

Materials List
Thread    DarkGray
Plant    Green
Holder    White
Base    White

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