Student Letters

This series includes all the letters in the alphabet, including 3 punctuation characters.

This series is intended for an individual student, to help them in a tactile way to learn the letter shapes and their sounds. The color of the plastic is important. The color indicates the vowel sound for the letter and makes learning easier.

Full set downloads, 2":, 3":

Student Letter Dot Frame

PN: sl000-student-letter-dot-frame

2": sl000-student-letter-dot-frame-50mm.3mf

3": sl000-student-letter-dot-frame-75mm.3mf

Filament: Clear

Shown here with monofilament and dot punctuation.

This file contains ONLY the frame, see sl025-student-letter-dot-x7 for the dot.

Student Letter Wa

PN: sl001-student-letter-wa

2": sl001-student-letter-wa-50mm.3mf

3": sl001-student-letter-wa-75mm.3mf

Filament: Purple

Student Letter Ba

PN: sl002-student-letter-ba

2": sl002-student-letter-ba-50mm.3mf

3": sl002-student-letter-ba-75mm.3mf

Filament: Orange

Student Letter Ge

PN: sl003-student-letter-ge

2": sl003-student-letter-ge-50mm.3mf

3": sl003-student-letter-ge-75mm.3mf

Filament: Red

Student Letter Du

PN: sl004-student-letter-du

2": sl004-student-letter-du-50mm.3mf

3": sl004-student-letter-du-75mm.3mf

Filament: Blue

Student Letter Fe

PN: sl005-student-letter-fe

2": sl005-student-letter-fe-50mm.3mf

3": sl005-student-letter-fe-75mm.3mf

Filament: Green

Student Letter Ve

PN: sl006-student-letter-ve

2": sl006-student-letter-ve-50mm.3mf

3": sl006-student-letter-ve-75mm.3mf

Filament: Green

Student Letter Jo

PN: sl007-student-letter-jo

2": sl007-student-letter-jo-50mm.3mf

3": sl007-student-letter-jo-75mm.3mf

Filament: Yellow

Student Letter Ha

PN: sl008-student-letter-ha

2": sl008-student-letter-ha-50mm.3mf

3": sl008-student-letter-ha-75mm.3mf

Filament: Purple

Student Letter The

PN: sl009-student-letter-the

2": sl009-student-letter-the-50mm.3mf

3": sl009-student-letter-the-75mm.3mf

Filament: Red

Student Letter Yo

PN: sl010-student-letter-yo

2": sl010-student-letter-yo-50mm.3mf

3": sl010-student-letter-yo-75mm.3mf

Filament: Yellow

Student Letter Ku

PN: sl011-student-letter-ku

2": sl011-student-letter-ku-50mm.3mf

3": sl011-student-letter-ku-75mm.3mf

Filament: Blue

Student Letter Lu

PN: sl012-student-letter-lu

2": sl012-student-letter-lu-50mm.3mf

3": sl012-student-letter-lu-75mm.3mf

Filament: Blue

Student Letter Mo

PN: sl013-student-letter-mo

2": sl013-student-letter-mo-50mm.3mf

3": sl013-student-letter-mo-75mm.3mf

Filament: Yellow

Student Letter Ne

PN: sl014-student-letter-ne

2": sl014-student-letter-ne-50mm.3mf

3": sl014-student-letter-ne-75mm.3mf

Filament: Red

Student Letter Sa

PN: sl015-student-letter-sa

2": sl015-student-letter-sa-50mm.3mf

3": sl015-student-letter-sa-75mm.3mf

Filament: Purple

Student Letter Oo

PN: sl016-student-letter-oo

2": sl016-student-letter-oo-50mm.3mf

3": sl016-student-letter-oo-75mm.3mf

Filament: Yellow

Shown here with monofilament line. This must be added after printing.

This part can be split into 2 parts in the slicer so the dot in the middle can be sliced into finer layers.

Student Letter Pe

PN: sl017-student-letter-pe

2": sl017-student-letter-pe-50mm.3mf

3": sl017-student-letter-pe-75mm.3mf

Filament: Green

Student Letter Ze

PN: sl018-student-letter-ze

2": sl018-student-letter-ze-50mm.3mf

3": sl018-student-letter-ze-75mm.3mf

Filament: Green

Student Letter Qu

PN: sl019-student-letter-qu

2": sl019-student-letter-qu-50mm.3mf

3": sl019-student-letter-qu-75mm.3mf

Filament: Blue

Student Letter Re

PN: sl020-student-letter-re

2": sl020-student-letter-re-50mm.3mf

3": sl020-student-letter-re-75mm.3mf

Filament: Red

Student Letter Sha

PN: sl021-student-letter-sha

2": sl021-student-letter-sha-50mm.3mf

3": sl021-student-letter-sha-75mm.3mf

Filament: Orange

Student Letter Ta

PN: sl022-student-letter-ta

2": sl022-student-letter-ta-50mm.3mf

3": sl022-student-letter-ta-75mm.3mf

Filament: Purple

Student Letter Colon Frame

PN: sl023-student-letter-colon-frame

2": sl023-student-letter-colon-frame-50mm.3mf

3": sl023-student-letter-colon-frame-75mm.3mf

Filament: Clear

Shown here with monofilament and 2 dot punctuations.

This file contains ONLY the frame, see sl025-student-letter-dot-x7 for the dots.

Student Letter Quad Frame

PN: sl024-student-letter-quad-frame

2": sl024-student-letter-quad-frame-50mm.3mf

3": sl024-student-letter-quad-frame-75mm.3mf

Filament: Clear

Shown here with monofilament and 4 dot punctuations.

This file contains ONLY the frame, see sl025-student-letter-dot-x7 for the dots.

Student Letter Dot

PN: sl025-student-letter-dot-x7

2": sl025-student-letter-dot-x7-50mm.3mf

3": sl025-student-letter-dot-x7-75mm.3mf

Copies: 7

Filament: Black

This file contains a single dot needed for all the punctuations. Use your slicer to make 7 copies. You may wish to print some spares.

Student Letter Threading Jig

PN: sl099-student-letter-threading-jig

2": sl099-student-letter-threading-jig-50mm.3mf

3": sl099-student-letter-threading-jig-75mm.3mf

Filament: Use any scrap filament

This optional jig contains properly spaced holes to tension the thread of any of the punctation frames as well as the Oo. Use small spring clamps against the side of the jig to hold tensioned monofilament line for gluing. Cut off excess line when the glue is completely dry. The same jig is used across all letters provided the size is matched, 50mm or 75mm or 100mm respectively.


Part Numbers: 26

Part Count: 32

Optional Part Numbers: 1

Optional Part Count: 1