Student Case

This series provides a case used to contain a set of letters and used as a base for either a Sower or Reaper. There is an optional lid for use when no Sower nor Reaper are desired.

Beware, the larger sized versions do not fit on a standard Prusa 3D Printer bed.

Full set downloads, 2":, 3":

Student Case Box

PN: sc001-student-case-box

2": sc001-student-case-box-50mm.3mf

3": sc001-student-case-box-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Student Case Ring

PN: sc002-student-case-ring

2": sc002-student-case-ring-50mm.3mf

3": sc002-student-case-ring-75mm.3mf

Add Support in Slicer: required

Filament: Green

Student Case Lid

PN: sc003-student-case-lid

2": sc003-student-case-lid-50mm.3mf

3": sc003-student-case-lid-75mm.3mf

Filament: Green

Student Case Lid Blank

PN: sc004-student-case-lid-blank

2": sc004-student-case-lid-blank-50mm.3mf

3": sc004-student-case-lid-blank-75mm.3mf

Filament: Green

This optional lid should be used if the case is only for letters, no Sower nor Reaper.


Part Numbers: 3

Part Count: 3

Optional Part Numbers: 1

Optional Part Count: 1