Student Cards

This series is the .pdf files for the cards that go into the Student Case.

Downloads, 2": sp-cards-50mm.pdf

Notes on Printing

The .pdf files linked above contain a 2 page, 2 sided file.

The file needs to be printed on both sides of a single piece of paper, usually a card stock of some type.

Once printed, there are registration marks to be used for cutting the cards out of the printed pages.

There is room in the box lid for a laminated edge around the cut cards. If you have access to a laminator, you can laminate them if wish. Cut the cards apart before laminating.


Most low cost printers are very bad at registering 2 sided prints in the same place on both the front and back of the page.

To fix this problem, remove all but 1 page of stock material from the printer. Then, print only 1 page at a time. Take the paper that has been printed on 1 side, turn it over, and feed it again into the printer.

No matter what the normal distortion is within the printer, the results will be the same for both sides.

This trick usually lands the printing in the same place on both sides.