River Top

This set provides the 2D, but non-alphabet, models that go in the River Case. These models get their shape from the tops of the City Thing 3D models normally stored in the City Case.

Full set downloads, 2": rt-50mm.zip, 3": rt-75mm.zip

River Top Quad Frame

PN: rt111-river-top-quad-frame

2": rt111-river-top-quad-frame-50mm.3mf

3": rt111-river-top-quad-frame-75mm.3mf

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Quad Frame Jig

PN: rt119-river-top-quad-frame-jig

2": rt119-river-top-quad-frame-jig-50mm.3mf

3": rt119-river-top-quad-frame-jig-75mm.3mf

Filament: Use any scrap filament

This optional jig can be used to thread the quad frame above.

River Top Du Ta

PN: rt121-river-top-du-ta-x2

2": rt121-river-top-du-ta-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt121-river-top-du-ta-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Oo Ba

PN: rt131-river-top-oo-ba-x2

2": rt131-river-top-oo-ba-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt131-river-top-oo-ba-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

Shown here with monofilament line and dots.

This part is the central piece alone. Use 6 of rt261-river-top-dot1-x12 and 2 of rt262-river-top-dot1-splice-x4 for each of the 2 copies needed for the case.

River Top The Ne

PN: rt141-river-top-the-ne-x2

2": rt141-river-top-the-ne-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt141-river-top-the-ne-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Sha Ha

PN: rt151-river-top-sha-ha-x2

2": rt151-river-top-sha-ha-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt151-river-top-sha-ha-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Re Mo

PN: rt161-river-top-re-mo-x2

2": rt161-river-top-re-mo-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt161-river-top-re-mo-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Fe Ge

PN: rt171-river-top-fe-ge-x2

2": rt171-river-top-fe-ge-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt171-river-top-fe-ge-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Sa Lu

PN: rt181-river-top-sa-lu-x2

2": rt181-river-top-sa-lu-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt181-river-top-sa-lu-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Yo Jo

PN: rt191-river-top-yo-jo-x2

2": rt191-river-top-yo-jo-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt191-river-top-yo-jo-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Ku Qu

PN: rt201-river-top-ku-qu-x2

2": rt201-river-top-ku-qu-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt201-river-top-ku-qu-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Ve Pe

PN: rt211-river-top-ve-pe-x2

2": rt211-river-top-ve-pe-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt211-river-top-ve-pe-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Wa Ze

PN: rt221-river-top-wa-ze-x2

2": rt221-river-top-wa-ze-x2-50mm.3mf

3": rt221-river-top-wa-ze-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Filament: Bright Green

River Top Dot Colon Frame

PN: rt231-river-top-dot-colon-frame

2": rt231-river-top-dot-colon-frame-50mm.3mf

3": rt231-river-top-dot-colon-frame-75mm.3mf

Filament: Clear

Shown here with monofilament line and center dot. This part only includes the frame. Use rt271-river-top-dot2-x15 for the center dot.

River Top Dot1

PN: rt261-river-top-dot1-x12

2": rt261-river-top-dot1-x12-50mm.3mf

3": rt261-river-top-dot1-x12-75mm.3mf

Copies: 12

Filament: Bright Green

Mark the monofilament line with a marker for the final position. Slide 2 copies away from that mark. Drop some glue at the mark. Finally slide the 2 pieces together over the glue.

River Top Dot1 Splice

PN: rt262-river-top-dot1-splice-x4

2": rt262-river-top-dot1-splice-x4-50mm.3mf

3": rt262-river-top-dot1-splice-x4-75mm.3mf

Copies: 4

Filament: Bright Green

This part has a larger hole so that 2 monofilament lines can be threaded through a pair. Use the same procedure to glue. Mark the final position, apply glue, and then slide the parts together at the final location.

River Top Dot2

PN: rt271-river-top-dot2-x15

2": rt271-river-top-dot2-x15-50mm.3mf

3": rt271-river-top-dot2-x15-75mm.3mf

Copies: 15

Filament: Bright Green


Part Numbers: 16

Part Count: 55

Optional Part Numbers: 1

Optional Part Count: 1