Paleo Bill of Materials

Pedestal Prop

These are the parts to build a copy of the Pedestal Prop.

When finished, this part sits atop the Pedestal Case.

Full Series Downloads

2": pp-50mm.tgz, 3": pp-75mm.tgz, 4": pp-100mm.tgz

Pedestal Prop Cube

PN: pp021-pedestal-prop-cube-x2

2": pp021-pedestal-prop-cube-x2-50mm.stl

3": pp021-pedestal-prop-cube-x2-75mm.stl

4": pp021-pedestal-prop-cube-x2-100mm.stl

Copies: 2

Filament: Red, Hatchbox

2 copies of this part assemble into the prop cube.

Shown here with support material that should be removed after printing.

Pedestal Prop Base

PN: pp091-pedestal-prop-base

2": pp091-pedestal-prop-base-50mm.stl

3": pp091-pedestal-prop-base-75mm.stl

4": pp091-pedestal-prop-base-100mm.stl

Filament: Clear, IC3D

This option part can be used instead of the complete case.


Part Numbers: 1

Part Count: 2

Optional Part Numbers: 1

Optional Part Count: 1