Pedestal Case

These are the parts to build a copy of the Pedestal Case.

When finished, this case has 2 parts, a lid, and a base.

Full set downloads, 2":, 3":

Assembly: Pedestal Case Bottom

The following 2 parts provide the base for the pedestal, as shown here.

Pedestal Case Bottom 1

PN: pc001-pedestal-case-bottom-1

2": pc001-pedestal-case-bottom-1-50mm.3mf

3": pc001-pedestal-case-bottom-1-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Bottom Trim

PN: pc091-pedestal-case-bottom-trim

2": pc091-pedestal-case-bottom-trim-50mm.3mf

3": pc091-pedestal-case-bottom-trim-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Assembly: Pedestal Case Sides

The following 4 parts assemble into the sides of this case.

Pedestal Case Side 1

PN: pc101-pedestal-case-side-1

2": pc101-pedestal-case-side-1-50mm.3mf

3": pc101-pedestal-case-side-1-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Side 2

PN: pc102-pedestal-case-side-2

2": pc102-pedestal-case-side-2-50mm.3mf

3": pc102-pedestal-case-side-2-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Side 3

PN: pc103-pedestal-case-side-3

2": pc103-pedestal-case-side-3-50mm.3mf

3": pc103-pedestal-case-side-3-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Side 4

PN: pc104-pedestal-case-side-4

2": pc104-pedestal-case-side-4-50mm.3mf

3": pc104-pedestal-case-side-4-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Brace Ns

PN: pc195-pedestal-case-brace-ns-x2

2": pc195-pedestal-case-brace-ns-x2-50mm.3mf

3": pc195-pedestal-case-brace-ns-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Pedestal Case Brace Ew

PN: pc196-pedestal-case-brace-ew-x2

2": pc196-pedestal-case-brace-ew-x2-50mm.3mf

3": pc196-pedestal-case-brace-ew-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Assembly: Pedestal Case Lid

The following 2 parts are the bottom of the lid. They assemble as shown here.

Pedestal Case Lid 1

PN: pc201-pedestal-case-lid-1

2": pc201-pedestal-case-lid-1-50mm.3mf

3": pc201-pedestal-case-lid-1-75mm.3mf

Filament: Yellow

Pedestal Case Lid Trim

PN: pc251-pedestal-case-lid-trim

2": pc251-pedestal-case-lid-trim-50mm.3mf

3": pc251-pedestal-case-lid-trim-75mm.3mf

Filament: Yellow

Assembly: Pedestal Case Inlay

The following 2 parts are the top of the lid. These parts inlay the lid parts above.

Pedestal Case Inlay 1

PN: pc401-pedestal-case-inlay-1

2": pc401-pedestal-case-inlay-1-50mm.3mf

3": pc401-pedestal-case-inlay-1-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Inlay Grass Trim

PN: pc451-pedestal-case-inlay-grass-trim

2": pc451-pedestal-case-inlay-grass-trim-50mm.3mf

3": pc451-pedestal-case-inlay-grass-trim-75mm.3mf

Filament: Brown

Pedestal Case Prop

PN: pc501-pedestal-case-prop-x2

2": pc501-pedestal-case-prop-x2-50mm.3mf

3": pc501-pedestal-case-prop-x2-75mm.3mf

Copies: 2

Pedestal Case Prop Base

PN: pc801-pedestal-case-prop-base

2": pc801-pedestal-case-prop-base-50mm.3mf

3": pc801-pedestal-case-prop-base-75mm.3mf


Part Numbers: 10

Part Count: 10

Optional Part Numbers: 4

Optional Part Count: 7